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Wild asparagus season

It's a bumper year for wild asparagus.  They taste great raw-pick them and eat them- or cooked in risotto, with pasta, with spelt, in a frittata and more.

This year has, so far, been a great one for wild asparagus lovers. The seasonal foragers are out in force on the country lanes. Asparagus picking sticks in one hand while firmly grasping bundles of droopy looking asparagus fronds in the other. They will proudly take their bounty home to grace their table that day. Perhaps with a steaming, aromatic risotto, a pasta with wild asparagus dish or maybe a simple frittata. Today we picked the first artichokes from our artichoke bed. A quick internet search for a recipe combining the two seasonal delights and there it was: carciofi and asparagi selvatici frittata: artichoke and wild asparagus frittata. Simple, fast, delicious and nutritious.