The Property

Lying between the Tiber and Nera rivers in an area renowned for undisturbed nature, forests and wildlife - the property nestles on the edge of a protected forest with majestic views over a secluded valley.  Its remote and tranquil location ensures the property abounds with animal, bird and plant life.


'Poggio le Stalle' is  a 250 year old estate, that was one of the principle farmsteads in the area. As well as many acres of woodland and arable land there are also two olive groves, a large cultivated terraced garden and organic vegetable plot. 

The Pool

The large 14x7 meter swimming pool is usually opened between May and October and is surrounded by a large paved semi shaded sun terrace.

Both terraces face east and offer the shade of the pergola and two immense walnut trees.

The Orchards & Gardens

Cascading down from the main farmhouse lie the stunning stunning terraced gardens.  A walk along the weaving path reveals a wide variety of fruit trees, herb plants, wild flowers and local flora.


Further down the garden lie two terraces of fenced organic vegetable garden, just above the olive groves, fruit and nut trees and an orchard. The land has been organically sustained for over 30 years with no use of fertilisers or chemicals. The fruit and nut trees in various locations on the property include figs, five plum varieties, pear, apple, persimmon, vines, cherry and walnut. 

The Woodland

The woodland of the Monti Amerini has been sustainably harvested for local charcoal production for centuries and provide a wealth of foraged and hunted delicacies that make up a significant contribution to the rustic local cuisine.

The woodland attached to the property can be partially cleared every 20 years providing a small income without damaging the delicate local ecosystems.

The woodland and nature reserve that back onto the property are one of the best examples of 'macchia mediterranea' or Mediterranean evergreen forest to be found - still incredibly rich in animal and bird life because of its protected status - and offers a wide variety of foraged delicacies and mushrooms.

The Olive Groves

The two olive groves are located directly below the group of buildings. To the south of the property just below the entrance sits a grove of 48 trees while to the north in the main orchard there are another 80.

There is also a third, undeveloped grove that has received little care over the years and that could, with loving care and attention, be brought back into full productivity.


The valley's secluded location at the end of the market road from Amelia and the undisturbed nature of the woodland provides the ideal environment in which a vast variety and quantity of natural animal and plant life thrive. 


The combination of planned, cultivated and wild plants combine to create a natural habitat that offers birdwatchers and other naturalists the opportunity to delight in the wildlife, flora and fauna of the region.

The property lies cradled in the basin of extensive woodland that enjoys protected 'Natural Reserve' status. This, together with increased global sensitivity to the importance of natural habitats and bio-diversity, assures the continuance of the diverse and rich ecosystem of the valley.